About Us

Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal aims to generate leadership traits in present-day youth to help them evolve as worthful human resource for nation building. It is an open platform which every enlightened soul, committed to Indian philosophy, culture and value system may share. Our common concern is to boost up the great humanitarian values and the national character which has been preserved in our country for ages.

It is an outcome of the voluntary efforts of committed and awakened students, alumni and teachers of the G.B.Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar, for the self improvement via selfless service of the mother nation. We try to encourage everyone to realize the true music inside them and to identify their roles behind their incarnation. Our mission is to intensify the sensitivity in the young hearts towards mankind which reciprocates in a sense of responsibility.

We have humbly but ceaselessly worked with thousands of young people for last ten years through scores of national, regional and local events. Its impacts have been meticulous. We request you to support this selfless and silent endeavour of nation-building. Mail us at

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Vision and Mission


To actuate human value inculcation and its propagation by inspiring, motivating and facilitating the attainment of personal excellence  via  integrated social and national development and emancipate human being from mediocre fulfillments to higher human arete.



  • To link human with integral humanism
  • To develop the persona of every individual to its full bloom
  • To create sensitivity and responsibility towards nation and society
  • To establish propriety between materialistic instinct and eternal sensitivity


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