Regular Activities

Sunday Classes

   (every Sunday 9:30 AM- 11:30 AM )


                 “Bear in mind that wonderful things you learn in your school are the work of many generations produced by enthusiastic efforts and infinite labors in a country of the world. ..... and all this is put in your heritance in order that you may receive it, add to it and one day faithfully hand it over to your children...”


                 About 150 children from different schools including GGIC, GIC, Shishu Mandir , Primary School etc mark their presence in Shishu Mandir every Sunday. Sunday classes is a platform where sensitive souls can directly link with the deprived sections. It is a golden opportunity for VSM team to contribute in this pious work of spreading literacy. These innocent ones become emotionally attached with the team and are delighted to see its members wherever they meet them.


                Sunday Classes is a magnet for those who love teaching. Some members, though not belonging to our team , contribute in the process selflessly for these gentle souls. Time to time changes are made in managing the style of Sunday classes so as to work with maximum efficiency and give our best. At the end of classes, after a question round ,students are left with homework for next Sunday.



Study Circles 

  (At 4:00 PM on 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month)


                  With the aim to instill and churn the thoughts of Swami Vivekanand and pay concern over burning social issues; thereby ultimately fostering intellectual growth and broader vision, “Study Circle” came into existence. Study circle is based on mutual sharing of feelings and views on a predefined subject/topic and finally reaching to common conclusion on the issue. This thought- evoking session is opened to all university students and staff members. The subject of the circle ranges from past history, Indian culture, thoughts of Swamiji to various personality related aspects.




Sunday Sessions  (every Sunday 11:30 AM)        


             "U are your own raw material. When you know and what you know and what you consists of and what you want to make of it, and then you can invent yourself ’’.


             Swadhyaya- Knowing yourself is the important requirement in living life to its fullest .Once you know the raw material you consists of then you can make the best possible use of it to mould and add new dimensions to your personality –this is what the Sunday sessions are meant for. Every Sunday, at 11:30 am, the entire VSM team collects at Shishu Mandir to be acquainted with some subtle concepts of life, which otherwise remain unknown to most of the people through out their life. Learning with fun is the objective which is achieved with help of simple exercises, demonstration, questionnaires ,slide show etc. Careful selection of the topics which directly influenced our life make the sessions worthwhile.




Yoga Classes (every morning 6 AM)


                    As swamiji says: The fire of freedom and purity is the nature of every soul. The soul is one with freedom and the soul is one with knowledge and we meet this soul as we do YOGA. Spiritual happiness, the highest form of happiness lies, in inner freedom and this happiness we receive every morning from 5:30 am and is cherished the whole day. It is realizing the simple “self” and embracing the original nature.


                     Besides the above truth Yoga is a family meeting in the disguised form. It is an excuse to communicate in this hectic schedule ,which would otherwise be very difficult. This half an hour of yoga is the most awaited slot of time of the day which drives the team to Shishu Mandir everyday.


                  Yoga commences with warming up exercises, followed by ‘asanas’ and ‘pranayams’. Sayings of ’shlokas’ reverberate our souls deep within ;and further it helps us to realize the base of our rich cultural heritage . Apart from ‘asanas’ and ‘pranayans’ games are played in the grounds of Shishu Mandir.


                  We have also undertaken ‘nature walk’ which builds the foundation of sensitivity for the entire creation of God and heritage culture. Yoga is the ultimate way which leads us along the auspicious path of spirituality.




Public Speaking Workshop   ( 3 to 4 times in a year)


                       Something said is nothing said until it is effectively said . In this era of fierce competition, speaking in public is of vital importance. To this end, VSM has been organizing 18 hours’ public speaking workshop for university students. The objective of these workshops is to develop & enhance the communication & presentation skills through various simulation games and interactive exercises. The role of body language & voice modulation in effective public speaking is amply exemplified with the support of subsequent display of recorded presentations for self-and peer group analysis. Till date, 9 sessions of public speaking workshops have been held & more than 350 students have been benefited from them.




Guest Lecture Series


                 To facilitate learning from the experiences of eminent social personalities and to give a flour of aesthetic fragrance in the lives of the students; eminent figures are invited to interact, guide and motivate the students. On the other face, proper guidance and Counseling to the students is given by technical and HR experts for their excellent professional future. Their specific queries are given due response and session according to the immediate needs of the students are organized. Students have accrued knowledge and relished the sessions with:-


                       1.  Late Dr. U. C. Durgapal, (Senior Scientist, DRDO Pune)


                       2.  Mr. M. Ramakrishna, (President, Zenith Consultancy)


                       3.  Mr. Mukesh Mohania, (R&D, IBM India)


                       4.  Mr. S. S. Awasthi,(VP, Zenith Consultancy).


                       5.  Dr. Upendra Shenoy


                       6.  Swami Chinmayanand Ji (Ramakrishna Mission, Almora)


                       7.  Shri Rajiv Dixit (Founder, Azadi Bachao Andolan)


                       8.  Dr. H. C. Verma (Physics Professor, IIT Kanpur)


                       9.  Mr. T. Raman (Columnist "Business India")


                      10. Mr. Dinesh Kumar ( HR, IT Sector, NTPC)


                      11. Mr. D. K. Kashyap (DGM, RBI Patna)