Recent Activities


Holi Celebration(16March, 2016)

“Holi is a time to reach out with the colours of joy, it is the time to love and forgive, it is the time to express the happiness of being loved and to be loved through colours”.

On the morning of 16th March 2016, at 6:30 am, VSM family celebrated the festival of Holi at Saraswati Shishu Mandir. Dr. Shivendra Kashyap Sir, Bhabhiji and all the members gathered in the premises to enjoy the exuberance of ‘Holi’. The celebration began with a small discussion in which Kashyap Sir highlighted the importance and the essence of ‘Holi’. Considering it as a festival that sheds the feeling of love and unites the whole nation, he apprised us about the reason of its celebration. All the students adorned the map of ‘Bharat Mata’, which was drawn on the ground. The sketch was embellished with myriad colours. Everyone wished and painted each other’s faces with different colours, blended with a feeling of unity and love. It was great fun and everyone absolutely relished the moment.


Book Stall at Farmer's Fair(10March to 13March, 2016)

From 10th – 13th march, 2016, the Annual Farmer’s Fair or The Akhil Bharti Kisan Mela was organised in G.B.Pant University at Stevenson’s Stadium. Under the same and for the 23rd time, the Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal’s book stall was set up which constituted the literary works of Geeta Press, RKM, Hindi and English literature from Uttrakhand Book Depot as well as VSM Publications.

On the first day, the inaugural function was held which witnessed dignitaries from various colleges including Dr guru, Dr. A.K. Karnatak, Dr. Brijesh Singh and our very own Dr. S.K. Kashyap sir and the new publication of VSM i.e. “NAMOH KURUKSHETRA” was presented to all the dignitaries present there. A wide collection of books was introduced including inspirational books, fictional works, several books on Swami Vivekananda, Hindi and English literature, books by contemporary writers, VSM literature, religious songs’ DVDs, our very own designed T-shirt and many more. This year the team of “VSM innovation” got an opportunity to set up a unique stall- “INNOVATION PANDAL” for strengthening and promoting the ingenious minds of the university. The stall included a variety of outstanding innovations for agriculture and rural development. The four day journey was enlivening for each and every soul right from first year to final year who participated with full vigour, be it the day in-charges or the mela in-charges or the decoration team or the students who worked day and night with the aim of bringing a change in the lives of people with good literature. The crowd was huge and promising. The harsh weather and diverse problems couldn’t retard our spirits. The event culminated with the inspiring words of Kashyap sir. Gifts were exchanged between the third year and the final year with a feeling of gratitude. In the end, each and every soul was full of ardour and happiness.

Book Stall at Farmer's Fair(1Oct to 4th Oct, 2015)

Kisan Mela 2015 was organized from October 1, 2015 to October 4, 2015, witnessing the arrival of people from different parts of the country to sell their products, exhibit their ideas and models. Stalls ranging from agriculture products to clothes, food corners to book stalls were present in the fair. Like every year, this year also the book stall was set up by Vivekananda Swadhyay Mandal with the aim to inculcate the reading habits among the people and spread qualitative literatures all around. The stall was adorned with the flexes of Swami Vivekananda. The theme of creative corner was to promote the upcoming event ‘Yuva 2016’ and further acquaint the people about the activities of VSM and its five pillars.

The stall had a wide range of books consisting of Spirituality, Vivekananda’s literatures, Uttarakhand publications, novels. The stuffs related to worship like incense sticks, book stand, bracelets etc. were also kept in the stall. Apart from these, we also had a corner for the sweat-shirts and T-shirts designed by our students for sale. Above all, the soft music was adding flavor of vigor in the environment. The team work of the students could easily be conjuctured by their spirit of decorating the stall early in the morning and then giving duty in the stall late till evening relishing each and every moment. Overall, it was all possible by the combined efforts of the students and the guidance of Dr. S.K. Kashyap. The most awaited kisan mela ended with full enthusiasm, conviction and fervent zeal of organizing students who learned many lessons through the management of this stall.

Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke Naam(21st Sept, 2015)

Ek Sham Shaheedon ke Naam” a step towards realization and a march towards sensitization for a greater cause i.e, our responsibility towards the nation. An inspirational and thought provoking event which was organized by Vivekanand Swadhyay Mandal & Sanskritic Chetna Parishad on September 21, 2015 in Gandhi Auditorium, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture & Technology was a great success. A jam packed hall with swirls of enthusiasm and patriotism revealed the success story of the whole event. The forgotten sacrifices of our freedom fighters were once again reminisced and were paid tribute with a marvelous and enlightening event by life size acts complemented by stage setups, narration and music. Once again the struggles and hardships faced by the bold stalwarts were remembered. Once again the Gandhi Auditorium reverberated with the slogans like ‘VANDE MATARAM’, ‘INQUILAB ZINDABAD’ ,’BHARAT MATA KI JAI’ and many more. The day had a unique significance in itself because long years ago, on this particular day in 1945, Britishers for the first time in the Indian history promised us our independence. Hence, it becomes a perfect day to recall those unsung heroes and their forgotten stories.

At the end, the entire hall was touch and mesmerized by the acts which displayed the undanted valour of our ancestors and their undying love for their motherland which yielded us this precious freedom and also how present day youth is taking this freedom for granted which is deceiving the dreams and lives of our great freedom fighters.

Study Circle on Shaheed Diwas(23rd March, 2015)

March 23, the day when three freedom fighters of our country were hanged to death by the British government as they were fighting for the independence of the country. The sacrifice of the three martyrs namely Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev is commemorated as Shaheedi diwas on every 23rd march. This year we remembered these great souls with the help of a study circle through which we tried to find the reason as to why some courageous people break out their vicious circle and become martyrs while some can’t even think of taking that path. Through a mind churning process moving from reasons like environment, rearing, perception, different visions, intolerance what we finally came to was that every human being has an inner thirst, urge or inner call which mobilizes him to take such risks. Why am I here? The search for the answer to this question builds a Bhagat Singh. Moreover, they realize the fact that they have to repay to their country what the country has given to them.

The sole reason behind such a study circle was to understand the qualities of these martyrs which can be adopted by us so that we realize the need to give back to the country what it has given to us. All the normal beings out here take birth on this earth, get caught in life’s vicious circle and ultimately go back to the same place from where they came but what separates our martyrs from the normal crowd is what we found out through the discussion. The discussion was followed by a song of remembrance and finally the event ended with two minutes of silence remembering the freedom fighters of the country.

Hindi New Year(21st March, 2015)

Coming up together and celebrating the Hindu New Year “VikramSamvat- 2072” on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada was the wonderful experience for everyone. According to Hindu mythology, when moon starts moving towards the sun in the month of chaitra, the New Year begins. This auspicious day commenced by the melodious song “Hey shubhaarambh, ho shubhaarambh, mangal bela aai”.   A beautiful poem on the eve of New Year was also presented. Moving further, some light was thrown on the importance of Hindu calendar in one’s life. Succeeding this was a mind driving presentation on the significance of “panchaang”. There was a detailed description on the Indian calendar and its calculation of time. Our guest Mr. Shubendu (an LLB student from Gorakhpur University and also a winner in National debate competition in YUVA) also came up with his beautiful thoughts about the Hindu New Year and its significance. A melodious song was sung with the help of casio with the lyrics “Hum bharat maa ke Bache hai”. Then everyone pondered over the reasons of neglecting our Hindu calendar. This wonderful starting of the New Year programme ended with the resolution to learn all the months of Hindu calendar. A small paper with the list of all the months and information about the Hindu New Year was distributed to everyone.

Book Stall at Kisan Mela(13-16th March, 2015)

The most awaited kisan mela was organized with full enthusiasm, conviction and zeal by us. The four day fair which was scheduled from 13th March to 16th March was the wonderful experience for the entire team to learn and exhibit team work.  It was the 24th time our book stall showed its variety in all the fields of knowledge. Whole of our team from first to final year was involved in planning and organizing our stall in the best possible manner. Books were fetched, decoration team decorated the stall in an elegant manner, day incharges were loaded with lots of work, and mela incharges were made to look after the buying and selling of books in an expeditious manner. Our entire motive was to distribute everyone who came to the stall a worthy literature which could help them to live a better life.

Study Circle on Mahashivratri(17th Feb, 2015)

This year Mahashivratri was celebrated on 17th February 2015 through a study circle to understand what actually is Lord Shiva and his attributes. The discussion started with understanding the various whys related to Shiva like why do we call him Mahadev or The God of God. Also, we got to know a lot about him and the common misunderstanding that he is born on the day of Shivratri got cleared.

He negates all the things rather than possessing. He is the one who has negated all the luxuries and materialistic things and that can be clearly seen from his clothes and the place he has chosen for himself to reside. This is a symbol of sacrifice without arrogance and that is why we even call our sanskriti- “tyag moolak Sanskriti”. He is the one who understands the truth and always stands by it. History says that “Bigger the sacrifice, Greater is the person”. Show-off has never been part of our culture which we tried to understand and relate with the traits of Lord Shiva. He has always been a solution-giver and always has the tendency to give. He is calm as well as an immense form of energy at the same time. He is the one who is free from prejudices. He is active, reactive when required and ultimately meditative. So, the basic trait which each one of us should adopt from him is the stability in life.

The celebration culminated with a spiritual song relating to Lord Shiva.

Study Circle on Basant Panchmi(24th Jan, 2015)

On the festive eve of Vasant Panchami a study circle was conducted on 24th January, 2015 in educational technology cell creating a blissful atmosphere was created by the vividity of thoughts that came up through the discussion on this occasion. The session started with the chanting of mantra and then a session was conducted about the essence of celebrating the auspicious occasion as it is also known as Shree Panchami Saraswati Puja observed by Hindus and Sikhs on the fifth day of magha. This day highlights the coming of spring which heralds with the festive occasion of holi. People worship Maa Saraswati, the goddess of learning, wisdom, knowledge, fine arts, refinement, science and technology. Further the discussion was about what all characteristics, traits of Goddess Saraswati required to be inculcated in our lives. We should learn to have peace of mind in any circumstance of our life so that we are able to absorb the positivity from all our surrounding and be pure from inside as well as outside.
In between the discussion,The Deans of three different Agriculture Universities Dr. S.R Malu MPUAT(M.P),Dr. S.K Rao JNKVV (Rajasthan) and Dr. P.K Chakraborty BCKVV(West Bengal) also joined us and enlightened our discussion with their valuable thoughts. "Vidya dadati vinayam" was the quote with which the session culminated.

Chaddha Farm Visit(28th September, 2014)

Educational tours forms a vital part in the inclusive development of the students as well as provides an exposure to learn. Such an excursion was organized to Chaddha farm situated in Haldwani. The trip gave the opportunity to study various aspects of plantation of different crops. A lot of learning part came from the elders who imparted us the need of hard work and good lifestyle which the present generation needs to inculcate in them. A feel of being a part of a big family was there as a lot of activities and games were there, which made this trip a memorable experience to learn and grow.

Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke naam (26th September, 2014)

EK SHAAM SHAHIDON KE NAAM at Gandhi Auditorium stage of Pantnagar was held on 26th September, 2014. The fantastic stage show was played by about 100 students of Pantnagar University, supported with theme, light, sound, drama, computer graphics, music and dance sequences.

Its a performance of students from all across University. Youngsters have worked for it for last one month in an effort to enthuse the Pantnagar fraternity with spirit of gratitude towards the great sacrifices done by our ancestors and to remind us of our sacred duty towards our nation.
A VSM & SCP initiative. To get a glimpse of the programme, may go through this video:

Sankalp Meet (23-24 August 2014)

A family get together where there was an amazing amalgamation of love, guidance, fun, resource sharing and thus a platform to create new bonds as well as strengthen the older ones! The VSM alumni meet, Sankalp 2014, which took place on 23-24th August. It was simply heart-touching family meet of three generations.

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. Thus a healthy start of the day took place with a yoga session on 23rd morning at Lambert Square Guest House which proceeded with an inspiring and enthusiastic session for the alumni with Kashyap sir. These two days, the current university students talked about their goals, plans and how to sustain in the process as well as compete with the outer world. Interaction with seniors was very beneficial. And not to mention the fun games which added charm to all these activities.

Tilak Chandan (4th May, 2014)

It was the time to exchange hearfelt feelings for juniors to their guiding seniormost batch of final year and for the seniors of passing out batch towards their loving juniors. This is the occasion when before passing out, the entire VSM family asserts to the final year batch that their bonds will only get stronger with time since they are part of family and also the hope that as they have guided and worked selflessly within Pantnagar campus, so they will shine after moving out to professional arena and make everyone at Pantnagar proud of their achievments.
The passing out batch also received blessings from senior teachers of campus for the new journey of life that they are going to start outside Pantnagar, assimilating all the values they had learned in these four years. The juniors worked hard to make the event a success and also published a booklet named, "Padchinh 2014" as a token of love to their seniors.

Personality Development Workshop (31st March 2014)

We had a Life-building workshop for whole VSM team at Pantnagar. The workshop emphasised upon the journey of human being from lower strata to elevated platform, i.e. the evolution of broader consciousness in normal human beings which makes a person more sensitive, peaceful, non-violent, settled and ever-happy. It emerged with group processes and presentations as well as case studies.

Taking threads from the life of Goswami Tulsidas who was lustful for worldly pleasures in his earlier life with a narrow circle around him, and became merged in broader consciousness in later stage with realisation of truth, the workshop discussed upon evolving practical ways of self actualisation for being focussed, happy and satisfied in life on sustainable basis. An energetic, enlightening and  escalating experience!

Sahbhoj (9th March 2014)

A distinguished customary of any festivities in our Indian culture is Sahbhoj, a collective lunch in which all the people come together and rejoice their delights together. Such a feast was organized on 9th March, 2014 at Pantnagar Intercollege. Whole of the VSM fraternity was present including Kashyap sir and all the student body and our guidance like Dr. Atul Kumar sir, Dr. Vandana Atul Kumar maam, Dr. Brijesh singh sir and Dr. S.K. Guru sir also graced the occasion with their presence. Firstly, all the folks did some activities together so as to create a better understanding among them and to relish what binds all of us together, the Junior- Senior relationship. Then the final year students shared their experiences with the university and VSM family and talked about the changes, memories and inspirations that they would take away with them after their college lives. Then the feast began. All the final year seniors served the juniors with love, kindness and generosity. The same way the juniors did for the seniors. At the end, all the mentors talked about their experiences with students and blessed them.

Holi Celebration(11th March 2014)

Colors add beauty to life and we all being a part of this colorful VSM process always try to add this beauty into the lives of many others. Sharing the colors of our life and enhancing the beauty of our motherland, is what the real essence of Holi is. With the same spirit we celebrated Holi on 11th march, 2014 at Saraswati Shishu Mandir, early in the morning. Initially, we had put some colour on the Indian map which we drew on the ground as a symbolism of Mother India. Then we all had put colour on each other and had lots of fun. 

 Book Stall at Farmer's Fair(28th Feb - 2nd March 2014)

The disconcerting rain which marked the beginning of the most awaited kisan mela( farmer’s fair) , was not at all a problem for the fervent organizers and the pious customers. It was the 22nd time our book stall showed its multiplicities with full gusto. Planning and facilitations for the stall involved everyone from first to final year. Books were fetched, decoration team made sure that the stall looked exquisite, day incharges were levied with hefty work, mela incharges were obligated with lots of errands.

But all in all our determination to distribute everyone with a righteous literature, remained the same. A wide-ranging collection of literature were familiarized including inspirational books, fictional works, books on and by Swami Vivekananda, hindi literature, sacred scripts, books by contemporary writers, story books especially for kids, religious song’s DVDs and so on. The t-shirts with the logo- “Touch your infinity” were a huge hit.
The four day fair which was scheduled from 28th February to 2nd March was a blending experience for the entire team and the one to exhibit team work. Every fanatical soul backed to make the stall win the prize for the “special stall”.

 Youth Awakening Festival 2014(12-23rd January, 2014)

Morning Rally(12th Jan)

 The chilling morning of 12th January was shaken up by the burning enthusiasm of hundreds of youth of Pantnagar who had gathered to mark the beginning of International Youth Day. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, an Indian shooter and silver medalist of 2004  Olympics; a recipient of Padma Shri and Arjuna Award, was present to encourage the students and aggrandize their passion. He charged the youth masses by making them do push ups on the beats of Vande Matram. It was indeed a unique and memorable event which sparked off the fortnight long celebration of the youth festival in the right gusto. The other dignitories present were D.Bhanudasji, Dr.Brijesh Singh ji, Dr.Atul Kumar ji, Dr.S.K.Kashyapji, and Shri ShubhasChaturvediji. Read more>>>

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