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Chaddha Farm Visit(28th September, 2014)

Educational tours forms a vital part in the inclusive development of the students as well as provides an exposure to learn. Such an excursion was organized to Chaddha farm situated in Haldwani. The trip gave the opportunity to study various aspects of plantation of different crops. A lot of learning part came from the elders who imparted us the need of hard work and good lifestyle which the present generation needs to inculcate in them. A feel of being a part of a big family was there as a lot of activities and games were there, which made this trip a memorable experience to learn and grow.

Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke naam (26th September, 2014)

EK SHAAM SHAHIDON KE NAAM at Gandhi Auditorium stage of Pantnagar was held on 26th September, 2014. The fantastic stage show was played by about 100 students of Pantnagar University, supported with theme, light, sound, drama, computer graphics, music and dance sequences.

Its a performance of students from all across University. Youngsters have worked for it for last one month in an effort to enthuse the Pantnagar fraternity with spirit of gratitude towards the great sacrifices done by our ancestors and to remind us of our sacred duty towards our nation.
A VSM & SCP initiative. To get a glimpse of the programme, may go through this video:


Sankalp Meet (23-24 August 2014)

A family get together where there was an amazing amalgamation of love, guidance, fun, resource sharing and thus a platform to create new bonds as well as strengthen the older ones! The VSM alumni meet, Sankalp 2014, which took place on 23-24th August. It was simply heart-touching family meet of three generations.

‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’. Thus a healthy start of the day took place with a yoga session on 23rd morning at Lambert Square Guest House which proceeded with an inspiring and enthusiastic session for the alumni with Kashyap sir. These two days, the current university students talked about their goals, plans and how to sustain in the process as well as compete with the outer world. Interaction with seniors was very beneficial. And not to mention the fun games which added charm to all these activities.

Tilak Chandan (4th May, 2014)

It was the time to exchange hearfelt feelings for juniors to their guiding seniormost batch of final year and for the seniors of passing out batch towards their loving juniors. This is the occasion when before passing out, the entire VSM family asserts to the final year batch that their bonds will only get stronger with time since they are part of family and also the hope that as they have guided and worked selflessly within Pantnagar campus, so they will shine after moving out to professional arena and make everyone at Pantnagar proud of their achievments.
The passing out batch also received blessings from senior teachers of campus for the new journey of life that they are going to start outside Pantnagar, assimilating all the values they had learned in these four years. The juniors worked hard to make the event a success and also published a booklet named, "Padchinh 2014" as a token of love to their seniors.

Personality Development Workshop (31st March 2014)

We had a Life-building workshop for whole VSM team at Pantnagar. The workshop emphasised upon the journey of human being from lower strata to elevated platform, i.e. the evolution of broader consciousness in normal human beings which makes a person more sensitive, peaceful, non-violent, settled and ever-happy. It emerged with group processes and presentations as well as case studies.

Taking threads from the life of Goswami Tulsidas who was lustful for worldly pleasures in his earlier life with a narrow circle around him, and became merged in broader consciousness in later stage with realisation of truth, the workshop discussed upon evolving practical ways of self actualisation for being focussed, happy and satisfied in life on sustainable basis. An energetic, enlightening and  escalating experience!


Sahbhoj (9th March 2014)

A distinguished customary of any festivities in our Indian culture is Sahbhoj, a collective lunch in which all the people come together and rejoice their delights together. Such a feast was organized on 9th March, 2014 at Pantnagar Intercollege. Whole of the VSM fraternity was present including Kashyap sir and all the student body and our guidance like Dr. Atul Kumar sir, Dr. Vandana Atul Kumar maam, Dr. Brijesh singh sir and Dr. S.K. Guru sir also graced the occasion with their presence. Firstly, all the folks did some activities together so as to create a better understanding among them and to relish what binds all of us together, the Junior- Senior relationship. Then the final year students shared their experiences with the university and VSM family and talked about the changes, memories and inspirations that they would take away with them after their college lives. Then the feast began. All the final year seniors served the juniors with love, kindness and generosity. The same way the juniors did for the seniors. At the end, all the mentors talked about their experiences with students and blessed them.


Holi Celebration(11th March 2014)

Colors add beauty to life and we all being a part of this colorful VSM process always try to add this beauty into the lives of many others. Sharing the colors of our life and enhancing the beauty of our motherland, is what the real essence of Holi is. With the same spirit we celebrated Holi on 11th march, 2014 at Saraswati Shishu Mandir, early in the morning. Initially, we had put some colour on the Indian map which we drew on the ground as a symbolism of Mother India. Then we all had put colour on each other and had lots of fun. 


 Book Stall at Farmer's Fair(28th Feb - 2nd March 2014)

The disconcerting rain which marked the beginning of the most awaited kisan mela( farmer’s fair) , was not at all a problem for the fervent organizers and the pious customers. It was the 22nd time our book stall showed its multiplicities with full gusto. Planning and facilitations for the stall involved everyone from first to final year. Books were fetched, decoration team made sure that the stall looked exquisite, day incharges were levied with hefty work, mela incharges were obligated with lots of errands.

But all in all our determination to distribute everyone with a righteous literature, remained the same. A wide-ranging collection of literature were familiarized including inspirational books, fictional works, books on and by Swami Vivekananda, hindi literature, sacred scripts, books by contemporary writers, story books especially for kids, religious song’s DVDs and so on. The t-shirts with the logo- “Touch your infinity” were a huge hit.
The four day fair which was scheduled from 28th February to 2nd March was a blending experience for the entire team and the one to exhibit team work. Every fanatical soul backed to make the stall win the prize for the “special stall”.


 Youth Awakening Festival 2014(12-23rd January, 2014)

Morning Rally(12th Jan)

 The chilling morning of 12th January was shaken up by the burning enthusiasm of hundreds of youth of Pantnagar who had gathered to mark the beginning of International Youth Day. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, an Indian shooter and silver medalist of 2004  Olympics; a recipient of Padma Shri and Arjuna Award, was present to encourage the students and aggrandize their passion. He charged the youth masses by making them do push ups on the beats of Vande Matram. It was indeed a unique and memorable event which sparked off the fortnight long celebration of the youth festival in the right gusto. The other dignitories present were D.Bhanudasji, Dr.Brijesh Singh ji, Dr.Atul Kumar ji, Dr.S.K.Kashyapji, and Shri ShubhasChaturvediji. Read more>>>

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