What we do

Public Speaking Workshop

"The shell must break before the bird can fly"

The biggest hindrance to our capabilities is our own self, the barriers of unknown fears….. With the intention of breaking this self created shell, these 4-5 days Public Speaking Workshops are organized, where under the guidance of well trained facilitators(mentors), the participants are provided with such an environment in which they can free themselves up and move beyond those self imposed limitations. The participants get a glimpse of their unlimited potential as they try step by step to face the public and ultimately succeed in their mental journey which they demonstrate through their constantly improving performances. The latest addition ot this is the "One Minute Speech" contests which are held every fortnight to make it a continuous process of spoken skills learning. It has many exciting rounds and levels to make it more thrilling and exciting for the learners.



Sunday Classes 

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

Knowing that even a small attempt of ours can bring big difference, we have Sunday classes of 2 hrs every Sunday morning – where members of our team devote their time to teach the children coming from unprivileged sections of the society, solving their doubts in all subjects. About 150 children from different schools including GGIC, GIC, Shishu Mandir, and Primary School mark their presence in Shishu Mandir. It is not just 2 hours of teaching but also of sharing.. understanding, listening and letting the hidden music flow out of them. In the process we also get their love and recognition which is the most surpassing experience!!



A view of team members teaching students in Sunday Classes

Study Circles

"One needs to be illumined within in order to give light to others"

With the purpose of this intrinsic illumination, we have Study Circles for teammates every alternate Saturdays. Way to learning is through sharing and discussion, thus members discuss and share their views on topics from diverse fields like nation, culture, personality development, current affairs, mythology etc. and get enriched from each others’ valuable thoughts and experiences. Some of the topics discussed were How Vivekanand touches our life, Is India a soft nation, Science and spirituality, the essence of Yog and Meditation and so on... This thought- evoking session is open for all university students and staff members.


Personality Development Workshops

"To know about a person,  dont look what he appears outside, look inside at his character"

Our personality development workshops can be described as defreezing, moulding and re freezing activities. Defreezing involves games and exercises to open up the participants so that participate freely and wholly, moulding involves realization of the importance of a personality trait through some discussions, games, movie clips, presentations and learning how to mould ourselves to acquire that trait, refreezing involves pledging ourselves to do our best and retaining what we learnt in our lives. Our team acts as trained mentors and facilitators, organizing all activities. The workshops highlight traits like Assertivity , Self Motivation, Leadership, Group Dynamics, I am Unique and so on..

Sunday Sessions

These are the personality training sessions for team members held on sundays. Here we learn diferent facets of personality which should be part of our lives for a meaningful existence understanding them technically through theory as well seeing their practical implementations through presentations and real life examples. Some topics include Time management, Assertivity, Interpersonal Communication, developing right attitude towards oneself and so on..

Yoga Classes (held daily)

Swamiji said that the biggest sin is to say that you are weak. “Give up all sorts of weakness for  weakness is misery, weakness is death.”
Physical strength and fitness is essential for the integrated development of personality. To realize this dimension of growth, we undertake regular yog sessions in the morning everyday. The freshness & beauty of nature can be truly experienced at this hour of the day which drives away all laziness and lethargy from body, filling us to the brim with the vital, divine energy each day. Beginning with mantras and suryanamaskar, it includes yogasanas and pranayam. In the end, we do meditation for a while to thank God for giving us a purposeful life. It is a very refreshing, healthy and pleasant start of the day and also serves to greet each other in the morning. We have also undertaken ‘nature walk’ which builds the foundation of sensitivity for the entire creation of God and heritage culture. Yoga is the ultimate way which leads us along the auspicious path of spirituality.


 Guest Lecture Series

To enrich the students of university with their invaluable words, eminent scholars and experts from various fields are invited to share there experience and proficiency with the students of the university. Imminent personalities like Dr. H.C. Verma, famed by his book Concept of Physics; Shri Rajiv Dikshit, Gandhian, nationalist  and Founder of Azadi Bachao Andolan; Late Dr. U. C. Durgapal, Senior Scientist, DRDO Pune; Mr. Mukesh Mohania, (R&D, IBM India) and many other dignitaries have been visiting the university through our efforts.



Youth Awakening Festival (12th-23rd January) (13 festivals held till date)

This is the single biggest event of the year where we make an effort to plunge the nation in a spirit of patriotism and rekindle the yuva shakti of the country on the occasion of Swami Vivekanand Jayanti on 12th January each year. It entails a chain of events like National Debate competition, National Youth Symposium, zonal level oratory and written quiz , competitions for school children, exhibition, rally and so on. The festivities culminate on Subhash Jayanti, 23rd January. During this period, a number of youth icons are invited to witness the events and provide guidance to the youth of the country.Yuva 2014 / Yuva 2013 / Yuva 2012 / Yuva 2011 / Yuva 2010 / yuva 2009


National Debate Competition(12 debates held till date)

This is held as a part of Youth Festival with a goal of sensitizing the youth towards topics of national importance like ”India can become a global power only through her culture and philosophy.”, Can India become a developed nation by 2020?, Only government is responsible for national security...and the like. Eminent persons of the country are invited to judge the debate. Starting at the University level, we now organize this event at national level which also becomes a platform for mingling of students from different backgrounds and cultures.



International Youth Conference 2012

International Youth Conference on Youth for Integral Humanism, the first conference of its kind to commemorate Swami Vivekananda’ s 150th birth anniversary.The conference was organized on 12-13 Jan 2012 in Pantnagar to bring the learned scholars and youth on same platform to discuss the relevance of Swami Vivekananda and his thoughts in present context. The conference witnessed more than 300 participants along with few foreign delegates. The participant group was varied ranging from professionals across the country to students representing universities covering whole of India from Meghalaya in East to Rajasthan in West and Tamil Nadu in South to Punjab in North to foreign delegates from neighboring countries like Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya and Uganda.


National Youth Symposium(8 symposia held till date) 

This event is held as a part of Youth Festival and provides a rare opportunity for students from colleges all over the country to get direct interaction with eminent dignitories of the country active for a social cause. the students get direct guidance and resolve their queries ina face to face interaction with renowned persons who have put up their lives to serve the nation. some of the dignitories who have been a part of this event are Former governor of Assam and Jammu and Kashmir Shri S.K. Sinha and Former Director of C.B.I. Shri Joginder Singh, ex D.G.P., U.P. Shri Prakash Singh.


Book Stall At Farmer's Fair (27 stalls setup till date)

“We are what we think…”

Thoughts make up a man, his character. Thoughts reflect in his words, his deeds. And thoughts are influenced the most by the books and literature that we go through. With the intent of making good books and literature accessible to university students and rest of the public, we put up a Book stall in Kisan Mela organized twice every year in campus. The stall caters to the biblical quest of a wide variety of people by providing books on the thoughts of Swami Vivekanand, the Indian Culture, personality devlopment, meditation, biographies of eminent personalities and thought provoking literature. Added to this, are exhibitions related to our rich cultural heritage, moral values, eminent personalities’ lives and words intended on making positive change in the visitors. The stall is totally managed by our team members.


Summer Camps (7 camps held till date)

 Learning is a continuous process, not bound to the constraints of age or time. Summer camp is a 15 days’ activity organized by us every year where small kids to elderly ones of university periphery- all can explore and discover the talents lying within and simultaneously get a platform to display the same. Training is imparted in 12- 13 different traits like dance, musical instruments, painting, stitching, martial arts etc. Learning…sharing and growing simultaneously…



Excursions and Exposure Trips

The team undertakes about three exposure trips each year to learn from our surroundings and from the good work done by great men. These visits have been to places like Chitrakoot  in M.P.(4 visits till now), where the self sustained villages reverberate with the tireless works of the great visionary, Shri Nanaji Deshmukh, Chila in Haridwar(2 visits till now) where Ashish ji, an engineer by qualification, has given up his life in the service of leprosy patients and their children by setting up Divya Prem Seva Mission, Chaddha Farm near Nainital( more than 10 visits) where Sudhir Chaddhaji has taken up the work of using imported technologies for surplus and quality production of Indian fruits and flowers which are of great value in domestic and international markets, industrial visits to Delhi (3visits) to gat an exposure of work culture in different comapnies, Almorah visit which included visit to RKM, Almorah in the presence of Swami Chinmayanandji as well as the visit to Jagannath temples.


Sankalp Meet

Sankalp group is a part of VSM family, who after passing out from University, remain in touch with Pantnagar team in every possible way and retain the same spirit of love and dedication. We call it the extended family of VSM and each year, the passing out batch is added to the Sankalp group. Sankalp Meet is a confluence of younger generations with the older generations, that is, the gathering of the entire family. Its a time to embrace our seniors and juniors, a time to introspect our renewed roles and a time to evaluate and plan for further activities. It is held once every year,


Ek Shaam Shaheedon Ke Naam

Every year, the VSM team presents a cultural event   ‘Ek Shaam Shaihidon ke naam’ on 15th August  dedicated to the memory of great Indian martyrs, in an effort to remind the entire campus of the supreme sacrifices and noble ideals of our ancestors and the responsibilty which rests on our shoulders as a duty for our sacred motherland.  It usually includes skit, dance depicting the major events of India's independence and the heroes of our motherland and is witnessed by the entire campus including students, faculty and other residents.


Prayer Sessions

"It is only He who can undo your wrong deeds,

He alone is the inspiration behind your good deeds"

 Every Sunday, VSM family gathers to dedicate our actions in the feet of lord. In front of the idols of our ideals-- Shri Ramakrishna, Maa Sharda, Maa Kali, Maa Saraswati and Swami Vivekanand, we contemplate on few inspiring incidents of their lives and pray to endow us with their spirit of love and sacrifice for this nation and humanity, in general. The session begins with singing of bhajans and patriotic songs, followed by a brief discourse on the value giving incidents of the lives of Swamiji, Thakurjii and Maa Sharda. These are the few awaited moments in the week which help us experience divinity and blessedness to the core of our hearts, being a part of such an enlightening and pious VSM process.


One Minute Speech Contest

To promote and enhance the oratory skills of the students of Pantnagar University, VSM has initiated with the, “One-minute speech competition” in August2011. This event is held every month; the participants are supposed to express their views precisely, within a minute on the topic provided fro that month. The event is divided into two categories, Hindi & English. The winner of each category bags the title- Orator of the month. The winners are seated respectably on the stage along with the Chief Guest and other dignitaries. Therefore, it is a moment of pride for them.


Vivekananda Study Circle

Every Thursday, study circle is organized in the evening whereby one article of a chapter from the book Awakening India is discussed. Initiated in the month of February 2013,  Section 1 of the book dealing with the message of Swamiji to the youth summarizes as Having ideals in our life provide us a stake, within this Indian soil lies great strength and thus we all possess that indomitable power, we must believe in ourselves and have aatma shraddha as this is what differentiates a weak and a strong person, struggle is the key to learn and unveil the truths of life.